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Here are a few comments from the many hobbyists and professional designers who use Pattern Maker.

"If anyone is serious about designing needlework, they should be working  with Pattern Maker...Worth every penny! The best software of that type available!"

Dyan Allaire
Kustom Krafts, Inc.

"I have been using Pattern Makers now for close to seven years I
 think, and would not use any other. I have converted two or three people
 to the program including my 80 year old mother.
    I love the ease and understanding of the program most of all, and
 the ease with which I can scan and convert photos into wonderful cross
 stitch charts for sale.
    Thanks Scott for a wonderful program, and the most excellent support
 one could ever ask for."

 In Love and Light
 Charlotte Bradfield
 Houston, Alaska

"As a professional designer, who has tried many of the other software programs out there, Pattern Maker is the absolute best. It is an easy to use program, with all the features you could want or need. I just love this program, and highly recommend it."

Laura Kramer Doyle
Laura Doyle Designs

"I have been using the Pattern Maker Pro for Machine Embroidery software for quite a while now.  It keeps getting better and better.  I thought it was great to begin with! But it is easier now. I have used the software to make most of the cross stitch designs that I sell from my site - Murphy's Designs http://www.murphysdesigns.bizland.com This program makes it so much easier to make beautiful things happen with your embroidery machine. I have all 3 of the major machine embroidery cross stitch software packages. I USE the Hobbyware Pattern Maker software. The others just can't compare. The support for this program is one of the best parts. They really care that you bought their product and want you to be able to use it. It is an easy to use and easy to understand program. I could go on and on about Pattern Maker but I think the best way is for you to try it for yourself to see what you think. It is a great program. Happy stitching!"

Murphy (Marian Ecker) mailto:theeckers@prodigy.net

"Of the various chart making packages I've tried, Pattern Maker Pro is, by far, the easiest, most complete, and most versatile. It also has the shortest learning curve; that's very important to me since I'm a designer, NOT a computer programmer.

What impresses me most, however, is that it obviously has been created by people who DO needlecraft, not just folks who've heard of it.

This software is a productivity miracle for me. It's significantly reduced my time spent in the design stage, while it provides clean, clear, readable charts at the exact specifications I need.

Pattern Maker was already the industry standard, but the latest version, 4.0, is the best tool I can think of to bring my ideas to paper, and it's a great enhancement to my creativity. And because I'm able to execute my ideas so quickly, I have more time for my needlework.

I can't recommend Pattern Maker software highly enough. Its combination of tools and capabilities far exceeds anything else available today -- at ANY price!"

Don Ely
Bridgeport, PA

"I started using the shareware version of Pattern Maker, many, many years ago.  I was pleased with the software then but have been positively delighted with all the modifications that have been made.  Support for this software has been outstanding. Many suggestions that I made have been incorporated into later versions. The support is on-going as you can tell from the very significant alterations made to the latest version."

D. L. Flaningam

"For someone who spends hours each day designing cross stitch, this newest major upgrade to Pattern Maker, makes my days! Many big improvements are included in this new version which can save a great deal of time and make the charting process even easier and quicker than before. The improved Fill function, new Layout Module, lovely new Stitch View Display, and Highlight Selected Color function, are only a few of my favorite new and improved features. Pattern Maker has always been the most intuitive charting software available. Pattern Maker Version 4.0 represents an extremely mature version of this feature-rich Cross Stitch charting software."

Donna Vermillion Giampa
The Vermillion Stitchery

HobbyWare would like to congratulate Donna Vermillion Giampa in her receiving of the  2001 DMC Needlework Designer of the Year award!

"Pattern Maker version 4 for Professionals has allowed me to take my designing to a more professional level. I'm particularly pleased with the improved import features.  The program allows for a greater level of flexibility, bead placement, and page overlaps. I'm also quite happy with the responsiveness of the tech support staff (Thanks, Scott!). I encourage you to give Pattern Maker version 4 a try!"

Sarah Givens
Desert Knight Enterprises, Inc.

"In 1997 I began using the Pattern Maker program that came with a printer that I had purchased. I enjoyed using the program so much that I upgraded to the professional version and I have been using it ever since. I have a business doing photo to cross stitch conversions and over the years I have tested many other competitors products.  I find that Pattern Maker is very user friendly and their customer service department are more than willing to help out with any problems you may encounter along the way. I have managed to obtain photo quality patterns that I am proud to say were created by Simply Unique with the Pattern Maker program."

Hazel Green
Simply Unique

"I just had to take a moment to compliment you on your newest version of  Pattern Maker Pro. I've been designing professionally for quite a few years now and am on my 3rd version of Pattern Maker.

The newest Professional version is incredible! I'm completely blown away by the acurate RGB's settings for the floss colors as well as all the wonderful new stitch options. It took me a little while to figure it out and get the hang of things but now I'm having so much fun with it!

Thank you for such a wonderful product!"

Pamela Kellogg
Kitty & Me Country Crafts

"As a needlework designer, I have always found Pattern Maker and Pattern Maker Pro to be excellent programs. I have been an owner of a Pattern Maker program for almost eight years, and would not use any other program.  It combines ease of use with superior features and excellent customer support.  Scott and the team at HobbyWare are friendly, conscientious and willing to not only assist with any question on the program itself but also concerned about the quality and features their program offers.  Every time that I have asked for something extra, it has been answered promptly and with enthusiasm.  Being able to create a design with a program that makes printing and production so easy has been a real pleasure.

This newest Pattern Maker contains everything a designer or needleworker could ask for, I know, I asked for a lot of it, and got it!  Thanks to Scott for a super program which I look forward to using for many more years."

Su Richardson Poole
Cutworks Needlework Designs

"I have used Pattern Maker almost since its inception when Brad handed me a free trial disk at the cross stitch show in Charlotte about ten years ago.  Pattern Maker has been an important part of the success formula for Treetrunk Designs ever since! 

Have I TRIED other cross stitch programs?  Of course -- it's important to know what is available in this market!  Do I USE other programs?  Absolutely not!  The integrity and production capacity of Pattern Maker is second to none!

When it comes to technical support, HobbyWare has NEVER failed me.  I'm not a computer technician and don't plan to become one -- and thanks to Scott, I don't need to!  This understanding gentleman is able to gear his instructions and explanations to a level I can comprehend every time!

Pattern Maker has a treasure trove of great features that make the program fun, user friendly, and easy to spark creativity.  However, my personal favorite is the customer service.  The folks at HobbyWare have always made me feel like I am their most important customer!  It just doesn't get any better than that!  Thanks, guys!  Your hard work is greatly appreciated!"

Kathy Szypulski Walker
Treetrunk Designs

"HobbyWare Pattern Maker has to be the most affordable and yet designer intelligent needlework design program available on the market.  I have been a cross stitch designer for 15 years and have very large intricate patterns with lots of color changes, mixes, and stitch types in each pattern.  In the past I have used other software programs, and none can surpass the ease of use, powerful editing tools, flexible graphic visuals, and, of course, phenomenal software support, which is non existent in 98% of software these days.  I'm spoiled for any other program!  Thanks, HobbyWare!"  

Leslie Wristers
Leslie Wristers Designs





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