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Support - Pattern Maker Special Edition

Important Installation Note

The Pattern Maker Special Edition CD includes the Pattern Maker Starter  Level program.  In some cases, the program will not be installed if the Microsoft Windows Installer is not already present on the computer.

If after installing you do not find the Pattern Maker Starter short-cut on the desktop (or the corresponding item on the Pattern Maker for cross stitch - v4 group of the Programs menu), then please follow these steps:

  1. Insert the Pattern Maker Special Edition CD.  When prompted with the options Modify, Repair, or Remove, please select Remove to uninstall the program.

  2. Click the link below to download the Microsoft Windows Installer program for your version of Windows.   

    For Window 95/98/Me:  instmsia.exe
    For Windows 2000/NT: instmsiw.exe

  3. If your browser asks you whether it should run/open the file after it is downloaded, select yes/open. Otherwise, select a location on your hard disk for the file.

  4. After the download is complete, either allow the browser to automatically run/open the downloaded file or manually run it by double-clicking it using the Windows® File Explorer (or My Computer).

  5. The Microsoft Installer setup program will then be started.  Please follow the prompts. If prompted to restart, allow it to restart.

  6. Re-insert the Pattern Maker Special Edition CD and follow the install prompts.  You should then see a desktop short-cut and a Start menu item for the Pattern Maker Starter program.

Please contact us if you have any questions or problems with the above steps.



Support For

Version 3 & Prior Version 4 Clipart PM Special Edition



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