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Feature Lists, Version 4.06

The following tables list the features included with each level or add-on of Pattern Maker.   Use the following links to jump to a table on this page.

Common Features
Additional Features of the Professional Level
Additional Features of Machine Embroidery Add-on

We also offer Pattern Maker for cross stitch - Special Edition.  This product includes the Starter Level of Pattern Maker along with 500 cross-stitch design elements (a.k.a. cross-stitch clipart).  The Starter Level allows you to create patterns by drawing them and/or by using the design elements.  It does not include image importing capabilities.  This product is available at most Wal-Mart stores and thru some catalogues. 

Common Features 

These features are included in both the Standard and Professional levels.


Fabric size up to 999x999 full stitches  
Fabric options including color, stitch size, & grid style  
Stitches supported: full, half, quarter, petite, back/straight, specialty (over 50), French Knots, beads
Flexible back stitch and straight stitch
Draw back stitches in either point-to-point or tracing mode  
Can repeat the initial orientation of a quarter or half stitch when drawing a sequence of stitches
Text entry feature including 50 alphabets by Kooler Design Studio
Text entry feature using TrueType fonts.  Supports full and petite stitches.
Rectangular shaped selection tool  
Cut, copy, paste, flip, rotate, flood fill, fill back-stitched area  
Selected stitches 'float' above non-selected stitches and are visible while dragging to allow easy positioning
Enhanced flood fill tool which automatically uses quarter stitches
Center a selection horizontally or vertically
Eyedropper tool for displaying and/or selecting the stitch color and/or stitch type of a stitch pointed-to via the mouse
Zoom tool for magnifying a selected area of the design
Multi-level undo of edits (up to 100)  
Up to 240 colors per design

Floss/thread brands include:

  • DMC

  • Anchor

  • J&P Coats

  • Appleton Crewel and Tapestry Wool

  • Au Ver A Soie, Soie d'Alger

  • Coats Puppets

  • Caron Collection ( Antica, Impressions, Rachel, Watercolours, Waterlilies, Wildflowers)

  • Danish Flower Thread

  • DMC Cebelia Crochet

  • DMC Color Variations

  • DMC Light Effect

  • DMC Linen

  • DMC Perle Cotton

  • DMC Tapestry Wool

  • DMC Rayon

  • Eterna Silk(TM) ( MiniTwist, Silk Twist, Stranded)

  • Finca Mouline

  • Finca Perle Cotton

  • The Gentle Art ( Sampler Threads, Simply Shaker)

  • Ginnie Thompson Flower Thread

  • Needle Necessities ( Empress Silk, Floss, French Wool, Madras, Opalescence, Pearl 5, Pearl 8, Spring II, Velour 18)

  • Needlepaints

  • Olde Willow Stitchery

  • Paternayan Crewel, Persian, and Rug

  • Rainbow Gallery Splendor

  • Weeks Dye Works(TM)

  • Kreinik ( Blending Filament, Braid, Cable, Cord, Ribbon, Japan, Ombre, Silk Bella(TM), Silk Mori(TM), Silk Mori Milkpaint(TM), Silk Serica(TM))

  • Mill Hill ( Glass Seed Bead, Antique Glass Seed Bead, Petite Glass Seed  Bead, Frosted Glass Seed Bead, Crayon Seed Bead, Pebble Glass Bead, Magnifica Glass Bead)

Note that while we strive to supply color representations that are as accurate as possible when displayed on a computer, it not possible to perfectly represent the color of floss/thread.  For floss/thread that is variegated, over dyed, or hand dyed, the program represents the thread using a single solid color.  It is especially important with these brands that you have actual color samples available when you are selecting colors for a design. 

Machine embroidery thread brands:

  • ARC (Poly, Rayon)
  • Brother
  • DMC Machine Embroidery
  • FUFU
  • Isacord
  • Janome
  • Kingstar
  • Madeira ( Poly Neon, Rayon)
  • Marathon ( Poly, Rayon)
  • Mettler ( Silky Sheen, Poly Sheen, Embroidery)
  • Robison-Anton ( Polyester, Rayon)
  • Sulky Rayon
Blended colors (up to 4 colors per blend)
Interactive palette options bar (changes to the design are visible as the palette is edited)
Automatic symbol selection  
Cross-stitch symbol font provided (224 symbols)  
Can use any TrueType font  
Can use symbols from more than one font in a design 
Stitch usage summary which shows a tally of stitches used and estimated amount of floss needed  
Customizable stitch display thickness (per strand setting)  
Strand selection per palette color and per stitch type (up to 12 strands)
Symbol selection per stitch type  
Symbol color, size, and style selection for full, half, quarter, petite, French knots, and bead stitches.
Symbol options for back, straight, specialty, French knot, and bead stitches
Symbol options including color-behind symbols and triangular/square color blocks for quarter stitches
Palette note per color and stitch type  
Color brand conversion using editable conversion tables and by color matching
Can add same color to a palette multiple times for allowing different settings such as strand count
IMAGE IMPORTING (more info)  
Image formats: BMP, PCX, GIF, WMF, JPEG, TIFF plus more  
Scan directly into the program using a TWAIN compliant scanner  
Two methods for importing: Importing Wizard and Interactive Importing.  Wizard method provides a step-by-step approach that is good while learning the program.  Interactive method allows options to be accessed in any order with the results of a change being visible immediately.  
Converts image into full stitches.  
Can include image as an underlay for manual tracing of the image  
Import into a new design or a selected area of an existing design
Multiple palette options: Import using a selected brand of floss; Import using a user-selected palette of color; Import using the current palette of an existing design (when importing into an existing design).
User-selectable number of colors per design.  Use up to 240 color per design.  
Enhanced color-reduction techniques for reducing the number of colors needed for good results
Background selection tool for selecting areas of the image that should not be imported
Foreground selection tool for selecting areas of the image that should be given more priority when selecting colors.
Image adjustments (color, saturation, contrast, brightness, & cropping)
Grid alignment tool for aligning the grid of an image to the grid of the new design.  Also calculates the required pattern size.  
Fine control of sizing and positioning for underlay images when manually aligning the image with the design grid  
Display design as stitches, symbols, or solids  
Detailed design information display  
Rulers for displaying the stitch position
Display a pattern using multiple windows with each having independent settings   
Open multiple designs at a time  
Edge outlining of stitches for enhanced readability.
Print design as stitches, symbols, or solids  
Detailed design information print-out  
Print preview  
Stitch numbering along edges of chart
Shaded stitch repeats between pages
Selectable header/footer, and selectable page margins  
Color Management support for improving the presentation of color.  When color profiles are available and installed for your monitor and printer, this feature allows you to display a soft proof or print a hard proof of a design.
Selectable toolbars for providing many options only a click away
Pattern preview in File Open dialog box for making it easy to locate an existing design
Optional re-opening of designs that were open when the program was last used
Library feature (organize pattern elements for easy reuse)  
Update wizard for assisting in the download and installation of program updates
Complete built-in help 
30 professionally designed patterns by The Vermillion Stitchery  
100 clipart designs from Kooler Design Studio


Additional Features of the Professional Level

These features are only included in Professional level.

Edit and create specialty stitches; includes a curve drawing tool for creating high-quality curved shapes;  includes capability to define stitches that can be easily repeated to fill areas. (more info)
Free-hand selection tool for making arbitrarily-shaped selections
Limit colors included in a selection
Limit stitch types included in a selection
Replace the color of selected stitches
Replace the type of selected stitches
Fill the empty area of a selection using chosen stitch types
Auto-outline a selected area using backstitches: either between the fabric and the stitches, between stitches of different colors, or around the selection.
Paste into a selection using a previously copied area of the design to produce a patterned effect.  Can paste into the used area, the unused area, or the entire area of the selection.  Automatically uses partial stitches.
Highlighting feature for locating stitches of the selected color  
DESIGN LAYOUT (more info)  
Create page layouts using a built-in word processor
Insert one or more chart objects into a layout for representing all or some portion of the design.  Selectable formatting for the chart object.
Insert one or more floss tables into a layout.  Selectable column contents and formatting.  Selectable table formatting including border style, cell color, and text formatting.
Insert graphics objects such as logos or diagrams
Insert pattern information fields
Insert OLE objects from other applications
Insert other user-specified text using paragraph formatting or table formatting
All layout objects and information automatically updated when design changes
Supports multiple document sections with independent section formatting (columns, page size, page orientation, margins)
Supports the creation of custom layout templates which can be re-used for new designs.
Export a layout as an RTF file for importing into other applications
Export design as a graphics file (for the chart) and RTF file (for the pattern information)  
Supports 10 graphics file formats including BMP, JPEG, TIFF, TIFF CMYK, and WMF  
Export design using OLE  


Additional Features of the Machine Embroidery Add-on

(more info)

These features are only included with the Machine Embroidery Add-on.

Export into any of the common machine formats:

  • Brother/Baby Lock/Bernina (PES/PEC)
  • Compucon/Singer PSW (XXX)
  • Elna XPressive (EMD)
  • Janome Customizer 10000 (JEF)
  • Janome New Home (SEW)
  • Melco (EXP)
  • Pfaff (PCS)
  • Poem/Singer EU (CSD)
  • Tajima (DST)
  • Viking Husqvarna (HUS)
  • Viking (VIP)
  • Viking HuskyGram (old-style CSD) (CSD)
Design conversion using built-in Buzz Tools software
Hoop size selectable from list or specify a custom size
Automatically splits designs that are larger than the selected hoop size
Alignment stitches available to aid in the stitch-out of multi-hoop designs
Automatically splits designs into multiple files based upon user-selectable stitch and thread-change limits
Detailed exporting results to aid in the stitch-out
Display of jump stitches
Selectable stitch-out thickness for each stitch type and palette color
(Note: Only full, half, quarter, back/straight, and French Knot stitches are supported by this feature)


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