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Feature Details - Specialty Stitches

The Specialty Stitch feature of Pattern Maker allows complex stitch types to be used in a design.  These stitches are represented using lines and curves to provide the best possible graphical representation.  The following shows several examples.

Note that the length of the chain stitch shown above in purple can be easily extended to fill any desired number of stitch positions.  

The following stitch types are provided:

  • Algerian Eyelet

  • Alternating Double Backstitch

  • Arrowhead

  • Back-Stitched Chain

  • Barrier

  • Bosnia

  • Chain

  • Closed Chevron

  • Closed Herringbone

  • Crossed Corners Cushion

  • Crown

  • Diamond Eyelet Variation

  • Double Backstitch with Bars

  • Double Backstitch

  • Double Herringbone

  • Double Leviathan

  • Florentine

  • Four-Sided

  • Greek Cross

  • Half Rhodes

  • Hungarian

  • Lazy Daisy

  • Loara Standish

  • Long-Arm Cross

  • Montenegrin

  • Mosaic

  • Norwich

  • Open Chevron

  • Open Herringbone

  • Plait

  • Plaited Gobelin

  • Queen

  • Ray

  • Rhodes

  • Rhodes Diamond

  • Rhodes Heart

  • Rhodes Octagon

  • Rice

  • Smyrna Cross

  • Sprat's Head

  • Stem

  • Three-Sided

  • Two-Sided Italian Cross

  • Upright Cross

  • Williamsburg

  • Zigzag

Custom Stitches

The Professional Level of Pattern Maker includes a stitch editor that can be used to modify the provided stitches, as well as create additional stitches.  This editor is very much like using the normal drawing tools of Pattern Maker.   

Since many specialty stitches are represented by curved lines, the editor includes a special curve drawing tool.  This tool provides a simple, but very powerful way to create high-quality curves.  

The editor also provides a way to define stitches that can be repeated by stretching them (as illustrated above by the chain stitch). 


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