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Feature Details - Page Layout

The Page Layout feature of Pattern Maker allows you to create a custom document layout for your design from within the program.  This feature is only available in the Professional level.


The Page Layout feature (or Layout feature for short) is provided using a built-in word processor.  This word processor provides many of the basic capabilities found in common word processing applications.  These capabilities include:

  • Text formatting

  • Paragraph formatting

  • Tables

  • Sections (with selectable column numbers and page size/formatting)

  • Headers and Footers

  • Insertion of objects from other applications

Additional specialized capabilities are also provided to blend the word processing features with the design capabilities of Pattern Maker.  These specialized capabilities include:

  • Chart graphics whose content and size can be customized

  • Floss/thread tables whose content and formatting can be customized

  • Pattern information fields filled using information from the design

By providing these specialized tables, charts, and fields the program can automatically update the layout whenever a change is made to the design.  This eliminates the need to manually revise a design leaflet or publication when only a small design change is made.

Chart Graphics

A Chart Graphic can represent all or just a portion of the design.  One or more Chart Graphics can be inserted into a layout.  Once a Chart Graphic is inserted into a layout, Pattern Maker will automatically update it as the design is revised. 

The display options for each graphic are independent.  As such, you could insert a Stitch view of the design and also a Symbolic view of the design into the same layout.

Floss/Thread Tables

A Floss Table is essentially a generic table that is filled and formatted automatically by Pattern Maker.  One or more Floss Tables can be inserted into a layout.  The user specifies the content and general formatting of the table using special configuration dialog boxes.  After a table is inserted into a layout, Pattern Maker will automatically update it as needed to ensure that it corresponds to the design.  

Pattern Information Fields

Pattern Information fields serve as placeholders in a layout for design-specific information.   Once a field is inserted into a layout, the program automatically fills it and keeps it updated.  This information originates from either the Pattern Information dialog box (i.e. Pattern Title, Designer’s Name, etc.) or from calculated values such as the used/total size of the design.  

Additional Capabilities

After creating your layout, you can either print the layout directly from Pattern Maker or export the layout as a Rich Text Format (RTF) document.  

Once you have created a layout that represents the look that you prefer for your charts, you can save the layout as a template.  The layout for new designs can then be quickly setup by using the template as a starting point. 


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