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Feature Details - Machine Embroidery

The Machine Embroidery add-on of Pattern Maker allows you to very easily export your cross stitch designs into one of the common embroidery file formats for stitch-out on a machine.  This feature is only available in the Machine Embroidery add-on.

Supported Machine File Types

The Machine Embroidery feature can export a design into any of the following machine file types:

  • Brother/Baby Lock/Bernina (PES/PEC)
  • Compucon/Singer PSW (XXX)
  • Elna XPressive (EMD)
  • Janome Customizer 10000 (JEF)
  • Janome New Home (SEW)
  • Melco (EXP)
  • Pfaff (PCS)
  • Poem/Singer EU (CSD)
  • Tajima (DST)
  • Viking Husqvarna (HUS)
  • Viking (VIP)
  • Viking HuskyGram (old-style CSD) (CSD)

Special Features

As necessary, the program will automatically split the design into multiple machine files based upon:

  • Stitch limits imposed by the file type or memory card

  • Thread change limits imposed by the file type or machine

  • Hoop size

The limits used by the program in deciding when to split a design are fully selectable by the user.   When it is necessary to split the file due to the hoop size being smaller than the design, the program will add alignment stitches along the boundaries between the sections to aid in the re-hooping or repositioning of the fabric.  The program adds these alignment stitches in such a way that it is easy to remove them after alignment is done. 

Stitch Generation

The thread order for the stitch-out of a design is based upon the order of the colors in the palette.  To have a particular color stitch-out earlier, the color can be re-positioned in the palette of the design.   

Stitches are generated using three passes thru the palette.  In the first pass, all full, half, and quarter stitches are generated.  In the second pass, back and straight stitches are generated.  In the third pass, French Knots are generated.  Note that specialty stitches and petite stitches are not currently supported by this feature.

In generating machine stitches to represent the design, the program attempts to minimize the number of jump stitches required.  To aid the user in designing-out jump stitches, the display of jumps stitches (only after exporting) can be enabled. 

Stitch-out Information

The program provides a detailed summary of the exporting results.  This information includes the resulting design size, a list of all files created, and a thread change list for each file which includes stitch count per color.   When stitching-out the design, the user must rely upon this thread list instead of the color descriptions that may be indicated by the machine. This information can be printed or displayed in a window that is updated each time the design is exported. 


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