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Feature Details - Exporting

The Professional level of Pattern Maker allows you to export your pattern chart into the following types of graphics images:  BMP, JPEG, TIFF RGB, TIFF CMYK, TIFF 8-bit grayscale, GIF, PCX,  Windows Metafile (WMF), Enhanced Windows Metafile (EMF), and EPS (8-bit grayscale, raster only).  The graphics resolution is user selectable.

The pattern information of your pattern can be exported into a Rich Text Format (RTF) file.  This is a generic text format that maintains formatting information and is supported by most of the major word processing programs.  After importing this file into your word processor or publishing program, you can then edit and reformat the information as necessary to fit your needs.

Note that the information exported by this feature consists of the information and formatting provided by the standard printing feature of the program.  For more control over the layout and formatting of the information, you would want to use the Page Layout feature instead.

Windows OLE

Another way to export your design from Pattern Maker is via the Windows OLE feature.  This capability allows you to embed or link a pattern into a document created by another OLE-capable Windows program.  The document might be a cross-stitch leaflet that is being created using a desktop publishing or word processing program.  

In this scenario, you would instruct your publishing program to insert or link a 'Pattern Maker Cross-Stitch Chart' object into your leaflet document.  You would then see a 'picture' of the chart inserted into the document.  You could then size and move the picture to fit into your chart.  

If you later found that you needed to edit the design, you could re-open it in Pattern Maker simply by double-clicking the picture.  Pattern Maker would then open and allow you to edit the design.  When you exited from Pattern Maker, the changes would automatically be reflected in the picture of the pattern shown in the document.


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