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About Us

HobbyWare was founded in 1991.  Our first product, released in 1992, was a shareware program called Cross-Stitch Designer.  The success of that product lead to the development of Pattern Maker for cross stitch.

From 1995-1997, Pattern Maker was included along with several other programs on the Canon Creative CD-ROM that was bundled with many of the Canon Printers sold during that period.

In 1997 we released version 3 of Pattern Maker.  In 2000, we released our Machine Embroidery version of Pattern Maker.  Our Version 4 of Pattern Maker was released in 2002.

We feel very honored that many professional designers and needlework publishing companies have chosen our product as the design tool for their business.  We continue to strive to make our products exceed the needs and expectations of both designers and hobbyists. 

Although our company is very small, we strive to provide the best product and customer support possible.  








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